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 Kimball-Whitney Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

180 N Main Street

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Kimball/Whitney Cemetery Plaque at Entrance by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Kimball/Whitney Cemetery Plaque at Entrance by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
Kimball/Whitney Monument
Kimball/Whitney Monument
Kimball/Whitney Monument - East Face
Kimball/Whitney Monument - East Face
1831 went up to redeem Zion in Jackson County. In 1837 he carried the gospel to England, that being the first mission of an Apostle in this dispensation a cross the ocean to foreign lands. Again called with his brethren, the Apostles, he filled another mission in England in 1839. He also was one of the Pioneers who entered the Valley of Great Salt Lake on July 21, 1848. President Kimball was an effective missionary, a wise counsellor, a loving husband and a tender father. In times of trial, of difficulty and danger his knees never trembled, his hand never shook.

He was a man of as much integrity, I presume, as any man who ever lived upon the earth. I have been personally acquainted with him forty-three years and I can testify that he has been a man of truth, a man of obedience, a man ?that could be? trusted.

President Brigham Young 
Kimball/Whitney Monument - North Face
Kimball/Whitney Monument - North Face
Newel K. Whitney
Sarah Peake Kimball
Laura L. Pitkin Kimball
Sarah Ann Whitney Kimball
Ellen Sanders Kimball
Therisa A Morley Kimball 
Kimball/Whitney Monument - South Face
Kimball/Whitney Monument - South Face
In Memory of
Heber Chase Kimball
One of the first Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sains who as Born June 11, 1801 in the town of Sheldon, Franklin County, State of Vermont and who Died in Salt Lake city, Utah Territory June 22 1868 aged 67 years and 8 days.

Early in 1832 the gospel was endowed on him as a message of glad tidings and he became its life long defender and advocate. Chosen by his Lord to bear His Holy Priesthood. He was ordained an Elder in 1832 and one of the Twelve Apostles in 1835 and after the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith he was called to be the Firs Councellor to President Brigham Young which position he held when he departed this life . He filled many missions honorably and faithfully in his own and foreign lands. He was one of the cam which in

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Kimball/Whitney Monumnet - West Face
Kimball/Whitney Monumnet - West Face
Vilate Murray
Wife of
Heber C. Kimball
Born in Florida Mongomery Co, State of New York, 1 June 1806. Died Oct 22 1867.


Ann A. Gheen Kimball
Born Dec 20, 1827. Died Oct. 12, 1879.