a genealogical record of the watson clan and many others.
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15 September 2018 - I just updated to the latest version of TNG. There are some pretty cool features. Enjoy!

29 March 2016 - So the site was down for several days due to a random bot deciding to download WAY more data than my bandwidth would allow. I have made some corrections, and hopefully things are back up and running. Let me know if you have any issues.

17 August 2013 - Many of the issues the site has endured are because of the huge number of report options that I have had available. Some of them just don't play nicely and either lock up the database, or use so much memory that the whole site crashes. It is bad because the site can go down by just having a bot try and look something up on one of the reports and it gets locked into a loop. That being the case, I have gone scorched earth on reports. I have disabled ALL reports. If there is a report that you would like to see for some reason, please ask and I will enable it. As I need them, I will enable them. This will keep only the reports that actually have utility being listed, and hopefully stop some of the issues that are happening. I am looking at going back to just the stock reports, but I will see about that going forward.