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!!!Do not confuse with Elizabeth Ellen Gee (1858 - 1946), daughter of William Gee, Sr.!!! 
Gee, Elizabeth Ellen (I9917)
2 !!!Do not confuse with Elizabeth Ellen Gee (1873-1911), daughter of William Gee, Jr.!!! Gee, Elizabeth Ellen (I7946)
3 "Cummings Memorial" and "A History of Dunstable, Massachusetts" list Sybil Bailey as Oliver's wife. I believe this to be wrong.

First, "Cummings Genealogy" lists Sibyla Whitney, and this seems to be the current consensus.

I have found no marriage records or references to a maiden name for either name.

Second, Sybil Bailey is actually the name of the wife of Joseph Willard, grandmother of James Willard Cummings. It would seem unlikely that these two are not connected in some way, even if in error. I am presuming that "Cummings Memorial" used "A History of Dunstable, Massachusetts" as its source, and the author of that just got it wrong somehow.

A marriage record or any original document with a maiden name would be very enlightening and solve this dilemma. As it stands though, I am going with Sybil Whitney as the wife, and proceeding on that course.

-- Watsonclan.com Admin  
Family F505
4 (Research):DEADEND:  
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9214)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9224)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9241)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9198)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9236)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9201)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9271)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5742
13 1841 Census - Possible Match?

Name Sex Age Birth
Year Occupation Where Born Original

JOWETT, Mary Ann F 35 1806
JOWETT, Elizabeth F 11 1830 Yorkshire
JOWETT, Thos Norton M 9 1832 Yorkshire
JOWETT, Jno Henry M 8 1833 Yorkshire
JOWETT, Wm M 6 1835 Yorkshire
JOWETT, Josh Firth M 5 1836 Yorkshire
JOWETT, Marianna F 3 1838 Yorkshire
JOWETT, Alfd Norton M 2 1839 Yorkshire
JOWETT, Fred M 0 (4 months) 1841 Yorkshire
WILKINSON, Elizh F 25 1816 Yorkshire
THEAKER, Mary F 25 1816 Yorkshire
PAWSON, Mary F 25 1816 Yorkshire
TOPHAM, Elizh F 24 1817 Yorkshire
TOPHAM, Hanh F 20 1821 Yorkshire
MADDOX, Sophia* F 17 1824
RG number:
HO107 Piece:
1349 Book/Folio:
26-Apr Page:

Registration District:
Leeds Sub District:
Leeds, West Enumeration District:
Ecclesiastical Parish:

Civil Parish:
Leeds Municipal Borough:
Leeds Address:
Hanover Square, Leeds County:

Topham, Hannah (I99)
14 1900 Census Duplicate Records

The 1900 census contains two Charles S Kimball's. One in Juab, and one in Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon looking at the records, I am convinced they are both describing the same person despite a couple of small factual variations.

The two records are:

1. 1900 United States Census, Utah, Salt Lake, 0028 Precinct 27, Salt Lake City Ward 3, Image 16

2. 1900 United States Census, Utah, Juab, 0100 Diamond, Mammoth Precincts, Image 20

Noted Discrepancies:

1. Birth years are different. 1843 in Juab vs. 1840 in the Salt Lake record.
2. No children in the Juab record.
3. The Salt Lake record was taken June 7, 1900. The Juab record was taken June 14, 1900.

Reasons it is probable these are the same person:

1. They both come from Illinois, the father is from Vermont, and the mother is from New York.
2. In the Salt Lake record he is a "Salesman Gen Goods", in Juab a "Salesman Dry Goods and Groceries".
3. The birth month for both is "Jan"
4. Both are widowers
5. The children listed in the Salt Lake record are consistent with known children (Eugenia, Paul, Arthur P, and Shirley P)

I beleive Charles was either a wholesaler or travelling salesman. He had a place in Juab, as well as his previous home in Salt Lake in which his children lived. Shirley, being the youngest at 17, was more than able to be home without their father considering the older siblings living at home. Either Charles was reported by his neighbors, or had time to make the trek to Juab and be counted there. It would not be unusual for children to not remember the birth year with specificity if he were in Juab for the Salt Lake census and his children reported his birth year. Add to that the significant similarities, and it becomes almost conclusive that Charles was counted twice in the 1900 census.

The fact he is a widower in both records not only correllates the two, and shows Sarah Alvira has passed before this census, but also sets up the scenario that introduces him to Anna Pay whom he married in September of that year. 
Kimball, Charles Spaulding (I8434)
15 A hypothesis on why "George" keeps showing up in Ann's name. I believe that at some point her name was written, probably in script, as "Ann Gee (Smith)" or some such. In transcribing it, the handwriting was misread. Gee was read as "Geo", short for George, and a legend was born.

There is no way to prove this, but there have been NO first generation records I have seen that have even hinted at the "George". 
Smith, Ann (I25)
16 A note about the William Tapscott as and coming over with the Gordon family:

I believe that it is very probable that Mary traveled cross country in the wagon train with the Gordon family. I do not dispute this. I also do not dispute her relationship with the Gordon family as being close.

What I do dispute is her being rescued by the ship that the Gordon family came over on while underway. The ship is the "William Tapscott" and the Gordon family is well documented to have been on that ship.

Despite the recollections to the contrary, it would have been nearly impossible, certainly a very strange circumstance, for Mary to have been anywhere near that ship.

Mary was baptized in New York in both 1854 and 1855. This means she had to have immigrated prior to this date. The Gordon's came over in 1859, as much as 5 years later.

It is possible that Mary was rescued at sea, but not by the Tapscott, or it is possible that somehow Mary and another rescue by the Tapscott have been merged in memory into one event. Whatever the case, Mary Jane Madden's crossing and the William Tapscott are mutually exclusive. She cannot have been picked up by that ship short of attempting to return to England and having that ship sink at the time the Tapscott was emmigrating. This is a highly unlikely scenario.

Please also note the 1860 Census record which very reasonably places her as a "Domestic" with the Lawrence family, also in contrast to the stories that are out there.

Again, I believe it is likely she did travel with them cross country, but not transoceanic.

-- Admin 
Madden, Mary Jane (I39)
17 Against what seems reasonable, the record holds that William Gee's father's name is William Smith, and his mother's is Mary Gee. This is verified by William's birth record and his marriage record.

While family lore concocts a story about William Smith changing his name to Gee, I have seen no evidence of this. To the contrary, William was 23 at his marriage, and listed his father's last name as Smith.

It is my opinion, however controversial, that they were not married, most probably ever.

The Admin 
Gee, William Sr. (I24)
18 Alternate Birth Year: 1808 Stiles, Sarah (I156)
19 Alternate Date: 18 Dec 1823 Lawrence, Sarah (I154)
20 Alternate Date: 25 Oct 1816 Scott, Sarah (I144)
21 Alternate Dates may be 12 Feb 1840 or 26 Feb 1841 Madden, Mary Jane (I39)
22 Alternate Marriage Date: 10 Sep 1844 Family F5486
23 Alternate Year: 1843 Family F288
24 Although many family histories list a number of Payne's in Rowan County, NC in the late 1700's and early 1800's as children of Isaac Payne and Sarah Daulton DNA and historical records show that many are listed in error. James Payne (1731-1810) is one of them. James is named in the will of John Payne who died in 1784 in Rowan County, NC as a brother. James and John along with a Barnabus Payne were neighbors in the Abbot's Creek area of Rowan County. Previous DNA tests show Barnabus was not related to Isaac and Sarah Payne. A recent DNA test proves John, and, thus, James are also not related to Isaac and Sarah, but are related to Barnabus. The parents of the three are unknown.

There was another John and James Payne living in MD with Isaac and Sarah Payne. This John Payne is listed in 1770's, 1780's and 1790 Caroline County, MD records along with Isaac (Senior and Junior). There are records of the death of James Payne in 1796 in Caroline County, MD. 
Payne, James (I2196)
25 As of this point, I have found no definitive documentation that suggests that Ruth was married to Heber Chase Kimball at any point. The dates of her events imply to me that if she was married to HCK, it was in much the same way as Joseph Smith was married to at least one woman who was married at the time, being as it were a sealing for eternity and not for time.

Information to clarify this situation would be welcome.

Pierce, Ruth Ladurna (I157)
26 Be alert. The date of 1630 is problematic as Isaac had children in England as late as 1634. This may negate the legitimacy of this date.
Commen, Isaack Sr. (I7680)
27 Be very careful with this John Ogden and Anne. There is another couple by the same name having children often within a month or two of theirs. It may be impossible to reliably separate them out accurately.

Family F530
28 Brief Life Sketch of Ester Ann Pierce (Gheen) (Mallory) (Lake)

Ester Ann Pierce was born to Thomas and Margaret Trimble Pierce on 24 Dec 1808 in Thornbury, Delaware, Pennsylvania. She married William Atkins Gheen the 7th May 1823. They both had been memebers of the Quakers. They were the parents of eight children. They were baptized 15 Aug 1840. They soon gathered with the saints at Nauvoo, Illinois. William Atkins Gheen became very ill and died 15 July 1845. Ester was sealed to William in the newly completed Nauvoo Temple on 2 Feb 1846. This same day she married Ellis Mendenhall Sanders for time only. They were later divorced on 29 Jan 1848.

Ester arrived in Utah around 1850. Her son, Stephen, arrived in 1848 with the Howard Egan Independent Company. She may have been with him. She appears in the 1850 census living in Ogden. She is living with her children at the home of Lemuel Mallory. The Gheen Family has him listed as a husband. We do not have any other records regarding hij, if they were married there would have been a divorce before 1853 when she married James Lake. In the spring on 1853 she is listed in the Bingham Fort as the Widow Gheen. Lemuel Mallory was on the first high council of the Weber Stake with James Lake. Lemuel later moved to Cache Valley, Utah.

Ester Ann Pierce Gheen Mendenhall Mallory because the plural wife on James Lake on 8 Oct 1853 being married for time only. She died 2 Sep 1858, just a short time after returning to Ogden after the evacuation of the saints to Utah County, because of the Johnston's Army threat. She is buried in the Ogden Cemetery in a plot purchased by James Lake. 
Family F251
29 Brought Thomas and Mary Winkless' children and raised them in Salt Lake. Palmer, James Jr. (I7958)
30 Cemetary Information:


Tooele City Cemetery
Tooele County
Utah, USA
Plot: 4-19-7 
Stirling, Jean (I51)
31 Child born too long after Heber Parley Kimball 1835-1885 to be his child. Most likely H Parley Kimball 1858ish. Family F5534
32 Credited for the words to LDS Hymn 187: God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son, music to Hymn 37: The Wintry Day, Descending to Its Close, and the music to Hymn 164: Great God, to Thee My Evening Song. Kimball, Edward Partridge (I8969)
33 Crossed out on family 1911 English Census sheet. West, Albert Edward (I9932)
34 Death Date per Headstone Kimball, Solomon Farnham III (I14)
35 Do not confuse this infant death with Ann Cole(s), wife of William Riley. Cole, Ann (I7688)
36 Ellen is a sister-in-law, and not a child of William and Elizabeth. This record is only here until her status can be firmed up. Ellen (I10120)
37 England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906

about Stirrup
Name: Stirrup
Gender: Male
Birth Date: abt 1691
Christening Date: 17 Jul 1691
Christening Place: Winwick, Lancashire, England
Father's name: Thomas Stirrup 
Stirrup, Thomas (I8149)
38 England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 for Mary Jones

Name Mary Jones
Gender Female
Baptism/Christening Date 23 Jun 1763
Birth Date
Death Date
Name Note
Father's Name William Jones
Father's Birthplace
Father's Age
Mother's Name Anne
Mother's Birthplace
Mother's Age
Indexing Project (Batch) Number C13868-1
System Origin England-ODM
Source Film Number 992640
Reference Number  
Jones, Mary (I482)
39 FOSGREN John Erik & Decendants: THIRD WIFE: Harriet Frances Noon Smith

Noon, Hariett Frances (I8762)
40 Friday, May 1 2009
11:00 AM
Plonia Lodder Kimball
1923 - 2009

Plonia (Toni) Lodder Kimball of Bountiful, Utah passed away peacefully at the age of 85 on Saturday, April 25, 2009. She was born on November 7, 1923 in Rotterdam, Holland, the second of five children, to Pieter and Petronella Lodder.

She married the love of her life, Farnham Heber Kimball, M.D. on October 1, 1955. Their marriage was solemnized in the Los Angeles, California Temple. Toni loved her family, and especially her grandchildren. She made friends everywhere she went. She loved to go out to eat with "The Girls", watch classic movies, and wear lovely clothes and Shalimar perfume. She also loved nursing and caring for those who were sick.

She was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and held many callings over her lifetime, including Young Women's President and Relief Society President. Her favorite calling was Librarian because it gave her a chance to chat with everyone. She also especially enjoyed handing out programs on Sunday for the same reason.

Toni is survived by her children Chase (Stephanie) Kimball, Marisa (Steve) Anderson; Grandchildren Natasha, Brandon, Ashley, Tyler, Matthew, and Troy; Brothers John (Viv), Ron (Carol), and Cort (Marie) and Sister-in-law Merlene Lodder. She was preceded in death by her husband Heber, Mother and Father Petronella & Pieter Lodder, and Brother William Lodder.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, May 1, 2009 at Russon Brothers Mortuary, 295 N. Main, Bountiful. Friends and family may visit at the mortuary from 10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. prior to the services. Interment at Lakeview Memorial Cemetery, Bountiful.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to LDS Philanthropies (ldsphilathropies.org).

The family wishes to thank family and friends for their kindness. We also wish to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff at Intermountain Medical Center for their exceptional care and concern.

© 2007 - 2009. UtahTributes - All rights reserved.
Lodder, Plonia (I8258)
41 From the Cummings Memorial:
Nathaniel “was early settled in Dunstable. He is put down as one among the twenty heads of
families contributing to the wood-rate for the minister in 1699. In 1718, he signed a paper as one of ten proprietors of Brattle Farm, owning 108 acres. In 1725, he petitioned with others to Governor and Council for protection against Indians. His widow was living, Feb. 3, I729, when her son, John, gave a bond to support. In 1720 he was one of four persons, for whom pews were made in the meeting-house.” 
Cummings, Nathaniel Sr. (I7674)
42 Generally listed as wife and mother of children. Stallard, Elizabeth (I10148)
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, pp47, 987
LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Vol 4, p 601
Tell My Story, Too by Jolene Allphin
Nauvoo Data Bank:
Members of the Mormon Battalion, p 79
Heart Throbs of the West, Kate B. Carter, Vol 6, p 494
Davis Bitton, Guide to Mormon Diaries and Auto, John W. Pickett, 1846, autobiography
Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol 10, p 138; Vol 13, p 21; Vol 15, p 43
Leonard J. Arrington, Brigham Young: American Moses, p 336
Wilford Woodruff--His Life and Labors, by Mattias F. Cowley, pp 460-61
JD, Vol 4, P 137, Heber C. Kimball, Dec 4, 1856
Andrew Jenson, Church Chronology, June 20, 1869
B.H. Roberts, Comprehensive History of the Church, Vol 5, p 580
Orson F. Whitney, History of Utah, Vol 1, p 562 
Kimball, David Patton (I8445)
44 http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/53439321/person/13896054849 Palmer, James Jr. (I7958)
45 http://www.watsonclan.com/getperson.php?personID=I101&tree=watson

The above Ane Sophie is the original one in our family records. I believe that information is incorrect, and that this is the correct information. If anyone has information to the contrary, please let me know.

-- The Admin 
Pedersdr, Ane Sophie (I273)
46 I am not convinced this is her. I think it is much more likely her birth year is closer to 1745-1750 and that she would be born in Donnington, Herefordshire, England. This needs more work. I have seen some trees reference 1747 as the year. Cleigh, Hannah (I439)
47 I am uncertain as to the veracity of Lydia's family information. There are several duplicates for her husband, and the information is not very clear. I have withheld additional research until a better picture can be drawn of her spouse and children. Kimball, Lydia Holmes (I8487)
48 I believe this is Robert G Watson. There are no other records for an Albert G, and Robert G perfectly fits. I will continue to research.

Watson, Albert G (I8327)
49 I believe, but have no evidence to support, that Mary Jane Madden's father's name may actually be Bernard rather than Burnet. This would be an easy mis-transcription.

Madden, Burnet (I70)
50 I have not been able to find anything that confirms this marriage to either Joseph Smith or Heber Chase Kimball. Any help would be appreciated. Scott, Sarah (I144)

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