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Estate of Robert Pease of Salem The Probate Records of Essex County, Page 43

The Probate Records of Essex County, Page 43
Estate of Robert Pease of Salem

Robt. Peas died intestate, and his son Robt. Pease was commmitted to his mother, Marie Pease, who was appointed administratrix of the estate.  Inventory brought in 3:11mo:1644.  Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 2 page 172.
Inventory of estate of Robert Pease of Salem, late deceased, taken 3:11mo:1644, by Jo. Alderman and Myhill Shaflinge (also Michaell Shaflen): ffyve ewe goats and three lambs, 3li. 6s.; iron pott and iron kettle, a posnett and tow Pewter dishes, with other small things of pewter, 1li.; one Conell, tube, three trays and one paile, 7s.; one flockbede, a teike, one Cowhide and a little ruge, 1li. 10s.; one sheet, one Pilowbere, 3s. 4d.; one stone hammer, two trowells, one lathing hammer & axe, 6s.; one Barrall and a Pecke, 2s. 6d.; one Chest and a little table board, 5s.; an acre of wheat, one of Barly, an acre of Pease, 2li.; 2 acres Indian Corne, 10li.; one muskett with Bandileers and the sword, 16s.; one house and a Barne and 11 acres of ground, 14li.; 2 shuts of aparell and a Coate, 3li. 10s.; one batte, one Payr of stockins, one payre of shoos, two shirts, 2 bands, 10s.; a sack, 1s.; swyne, 1li. 6s. 8d.; a Cannew, 10s.; total, 39li. 12s. 6d. Indebted to several persons, 6li. Widow Marie Pease appointed administratrix 3:11mo:1644.  Robert Pease was the eldest son of the deceased, and John Pease the second son.  There were other young children. The deceased's mother is mentioned. "Abraham" is also mentioned. Salem Quarterly Court Files, vol. 1, leaf 24.

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