a genealogical record of the watson clan and many others.
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Utah, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andreason, Bessie  1913Utah, USA I9890
2 Andreason, Bonnie  1920Utah, USA I9893
3 Andreason, Christian  1874Utah, USA I9905
4 Andreason, Katyrn  1928Utah, USA I9894
5 Andreason, Mettie  1875Utah, USA I9904
6 Andreason, Nyals  1917Utah, USA I9891
7 Andreason, Vivian  1918Utah, USA I9892
8 Atwood, Adella A  1862Utah, USA I9498
9 Atwood, Emily L.  1859Utah, USA I10645
10 Atwood, Nellie M.  1874Utah, USA I10649
11 Atwood, Orville F  1865Utah, USA I10646
12 Atwood, Ruth  1870Utah, USA I10648
13 Atwood, William H  1867Utah, USA I10647
14 Brown, A Rachel  1867Utah, USA I9506
15 Brown, Ace  1889Utah, USA I9458
16 Brown, Ada A  1907Utah, USA I10533
17 Brown, Clifton L  1910Utah, USA I10534
18 Brown, Daniel  1863Utah, USA I9504
19 Brown, Elizabeth  1869Utah, USA I9507
20 Brown, Fredrick  21 May 1899Utah, USA I10501
21 Brown, H Mary  1871Utah, USA I9508
22 Brown, Horace L  23 Dec 1894Utah, USA I10435
23 Brown, Irene  Oct 1892Utah, USA I10650
24 Brown, J C  12 Oct 1892Utah, USA I10499
25 Brown, Lafaette  1878Utah, USA I9510
26 Brown, Lester Z  1893Utah, USA I10528
27 Brown, Lila  18 Dec 1889Utah, USA I10498
28 Brown, M Jerusha  1874Utah, USA I9509
29 Brown, M Richard  1865Utah, USA I9505
30 Brown, Rebecca  28 Aug 1895Utah, USA I10500
31 Brown, Stanley C  1900Utah, USA I10529
32 Brown, Veda E  1902Utah, USA I10531
33 Brown, Wallace W  1899Utah, USA I10530
34 Brown, Willis Jr  1861Utah, USA I9503
35 Clawson, Birdie  1856Utah, USA I10149
36 Clawson, Lucy Ardella  Jun 1858Utah, USA I9551
37 Clegg, Grace Lillious  Oct 1865Utah, USA I9967
38 Coleman, Mary Annetta  1863Utah, USA I10826
39 Condie, Thomas  1858Utah, USA I8370
40 Cornia, Kenneth B  1905Utah, USA I8392
41 Cottle, Beatrice Mary  1888Utah, USA I8747
42 Crane, George Lemar  26 Nov 1897Utah, USA I9882
43 Crane, Robert Lamar  1920Utah, USA I10309
44 Crane, William Kirk  1922Utah, USA I10310
45 Cummings, Ardelle  Oct 1878Utah, USA I9557
46 Cummings, Constance  Apr 1891Utah, USA I9553
47 Cummings, Earl  Aug 1876Utah, USA I9555
48 Cummings, Ernest M Jr  1890Utah, USA I10177
49 Cummings, Gladys  Sep 1889Utah, USA I9558
50 Cummings, Josephina  1892Utah, USA I10167

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Adella A  Between 1892-1900Utah, USA I9498
2 Herbert, Thomas  24 Jun 1913Utah, USA I9380
3 Jensen, Christian  Bef 1900Utah, USA I1743
4 Kramer, Herman Axel  Jul 1981Utah, USA I8376
5 Murphy, McQue E  16 Sep 2004Utah, USA I9910


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Orville F  21 Jul 1902Utah, USA I10193

Enlisted In Military

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Enlisted In Military    Person ID 
1 Watson, Joseph Bennedict  Utah, USA I8328


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnold / Winchester  1865Utah, USA F5689
2 Clough / Priday  26 Jun 1926Utah, USA F5972
3 Forsyth / Kimball  27 Jan 1928Utah, USA F5723
4 Jensen /   Bef 1862Utah, USA F1696
5 Kimball / Dahlen  11 Sep 1929Utah, USA F5422
6 Kimball / Wilcox  1856Utah, USA F215
7 Lee / Brown  18 Jan 1929Utah, USA F6095
8 Moffat / Kimball  1880Utah, USA F5671