a genealogical record of the watson clan and many others.
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Idaho, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Grimmett, Albert O  1876Idaho, USA I10910
2 Hansen, Christen  13 Aug 1888Idaho, USA I10390
3 Hanson, Delories  1923Idaho, USA I10393
4 Hanson, Dorothy  1920Idaho, USA I10395
5 Hanson, Keyth Christen  1929Idaho, USA I10394
6 Hanson, Paul James  1916Idaho, USA I10392
7 Jenkins, Nevil M  May 1896Idaho, USA I8801
8 Jeppson, Madoline  14 May 1921Idaho, USA I10404
9 Kimball, Birdie  Jan 1885Idaho, USA I8960
10 Kimball, Calista  May 1887Idaho, USA I8961
11 Kimball, Charles J  Jul 1895Idaho, USA I8964
12 Kimball, Florence  1877Idaho, USA I8957
13 Kimball, Frank C  1912Idaho, USA I8664
14 Kimball, George D  1909Idaho, USA I8663
15 Kimball, Idaho  Sep 1890Idaho, USA I8962
16 Kimball, Mary  1879Idaho, USA I8958
17 Kimball, Pearl  Dec 1882Idaho, USA I8959
18 Kimball, William C  Aug 1892Idaho, USA I8963
19 Pomeroy, Ethel R  Jun 1883Idaho, USA I10821
20 Price, Carol  1925Idaho, USA I10892
21 Price, Florence  1929Idaho, USA I10895
22 Price, Inez  1920Idaho, USA I10890
23 Price, Jean  1915Idaho, USA I10894
24 Price, John  1924Idaho, USA I10891
25 Price, Ruth  1933Idaho, USA I10893
26 Rich, Elda  1918Idaho, USA I10874
27 Rich, Gertrude  13 May 1888Idaho, USA I10852
28 Rich, Lyman H  May 1894Idaho, USA I10864
29 Rich, Mable  Feb 1886Idaho, USA I10851
30 Rich, Sterling  1919Idaho, USA I10875
31 Rich, Ursulia  3 Sep 1880Idaho, USA I10849
32 Shepherd, Carlyle L  1915Idaho, USA I10898
33 Shepherd, Charles R  1912Idaho, USA I10897
34 Shepherd, Fred R  1924Idaho, USA I10901
35 Shepherd, Fredrick Leslie  31 May 1889Idaho, USA I10896
36 Shepherd, Ina  1926Idaho, USA I10902
37 Shepherd, John M  1917Idaho, USA I10899
38 Shepherd, Mary  1920Idaho, USA I10900
39 Williams, Ann J  18 Jul 1867Idaho, USA I9977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hansen, Christen  10 Sep 1962Idaho, USA I10390
2 Watson, Persis Ellen  24 Feb 1974Idaho, USA I8332
3 Williams, Ann J  18 Jan 1919Idaho, USA I9977