a genealogical record of the watson clan and many others.
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Leicester, Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Audrey Z L N  Q4 1935Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1315
2 Allen, Raymond William  22 Aug 1926Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1312
3 Allen, Reginald E  Q2 1927Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1314
4 Allen, Shirley R  Q3 1922Leicester, Leicestershire, England I196
5 Ball, Ann  Q1 1853Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9916
6 Ball, Benjamin  1856Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9925
7 Gee, Elizabeth Ellen  Q3 1873Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9917
8 Gee, William Jr  11 Jun 1852Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12
9 Groocock, Joseph  8 Aug 1735Leicester, Leicestershire, England I7941
10 Smith, Ann  10 May 1831Leicester, Leicestershire, England I25
11 West, Albert Edward  5 Jan 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9932
12 West, Annie  1864Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9938
13 West, Charles Sidney  8 Sep 1894Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9929
14 West, Elizabeth Ann  18 Feb 1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9928
15 West, Emma  1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9941
16 West, Harry  1865Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9939
17 West, Ida Lilian  21 Jun 1905Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9934
18 West, James  1874Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9940
19 West, Norah  17 Mar 1903Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9933
20 West, Ruby Maud  24 Jun 1896Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9930
21 West, Thomas  1870Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9946
22 West, William  1868Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9927
23 West, William  15 Jul 1898Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 West, Albert Edward  30 Jan 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9932
2 West, Charles Sidney  30 Jan 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9929
3 West, Elizabeth Ann  30 Jan 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9928
4 West, Norah  23 Aug 1905Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9933
5 West, Ruby Maud  30 Jan 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9930
6 West, William  30 Jan 1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Archibald B  Sep 1964Leicester, Leicestershire, England I177
2 Allen, Raymond William  Q2 2003Leicester, Leicestershire, England I1312
3 Allen, Ronald Archibald  Jan 2006Leicester, Leicestershire, England I179
4 Ball, Ann  Q2 1876Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9916
5 West, Charles Valentine  Q1 1917Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9935
6 West, Ida Lilian  Q3 1999Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9934
7 West, Norah  Sep 1991Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9933
8 West, Ruby Maud  Mar 1922Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9930


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ball, Ann  1861Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9916
2 Ball, Ann  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9916
3 Ball, Benjamin  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9925
4 Ball, Benjamin  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9925
5 Ball, William  1851Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9919
6 Ball, William  1861Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9919
7 Gee, Elizabeth Ellen  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9917
8 Gee, William Jr  1861Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12
9 Gee, William Sr.  1861Leicester, Leicestershire, England I24
10 Gee, William Jr  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12
11 West, Charles Valentine  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9935
12 West, Charles Valentine  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9935
13 West, Charles Valentine  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9935
14 West, Charles Valentine  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9935
15 West, Harry  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9939
16 West, William  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9927
17 West, William  1881Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9927
18 West, William  1891Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9927
19 West, William  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9927
20 West, William  1911Leicester, Leicestershire, England I9927


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Allen  Q4 1956Leicester, Leicestershire, England F739
2 Allen / Cooper  Q4 1951Leicester, Leicestershire, England F699
3 Allen / Millward  Q3 1947Leicester, Leicestershire, England F734
4 Allen / West  24 Oct 1925Leicester, Leicestershire, England F133
5 Gee / Smith  17 Apr 1852Leicester, Leicestershire, England F8
6 West / Gee  18 Nov 1893Leicester, Leicestershire, England F5933