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101 Never Married Brown, Jane (I9465)
102 No Spouse Cummings, Charlotte Leffel (I8278)
103 NOT James Cant Brown


Be careful to not confuse with James Cant Brown, Born Apr. 18, 1822 Scotland; Death: Jun. 6, 1902 Manti 
Brown, James Stephens (I40)
104 Not Willm French of St. Nicholas, Warwick, Warwickshire, England, Christened 24 Sep 1603. This William French died 4 Apr 1605.  French, Lieutenant William (I9731)
105 Note "Sent to Morgan" on record. Colborn, Thomas (I343)
106 Note the inversion of the arrival and birth dates. This needs to be rectified. Farwell, Joseph (I564)
107 Obituary: Deseret Evening News - Wed., June 26, 1912 p. 9
American Fork, June 24 - Harriet Francis Noon Harrington, who died here recently, was the daughter of William Spencer and Sarah Perry [this is incorrect. It should be Sarah Peak] Noon. She was born in Tunstall, Staffordshire, England, Dec 5, 1829 and emigrated to America in 1841. She was baptized a few days before sailing from her native land by Elder Wilford Woodruff. She arrived in Nauvoo July 1, 1841 and was married to David Smith in May, 1846. She came to Salt Lake valley in 1848, arriving in September of that year. Four years later she was left a widow by the accidental death of her husband. She was married to Bishop Leonard E[lsworth] Huntington [Harrington] of American Fork [as a plural wife], by President Brigham Young May 21, 1859. Mrs. Harrington passed through all the trials and tribulations incident to pioneer life. She was the mother of nine children, five of whom are living.
She was always happy in telling of the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, often recalling his death and the excitement incident thereto at Nauvoo. While she and her sister Betsy were quite young their mother married President Heber C. Kimball, with whom the girls lived during their childhood. Mrs. Harrington never tired of telling how kind President Kimball was to her as a child.
Besides her children the deceased leaves a sister, Mrs. Betsy Lawson of Hunter, Salt Lake County, 21 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren."
[Note: I did not find an obituary in either the Provo Herald or the weekly American Fork paper published at the time. Searches made in Sept. 2004]

One source listed in newFamily Search gives birth data as 5 Dec. 1830, Old Staunton, Stratford, London, England.

CHRISTENING: England & Wales Christening Records [ancestry.com]
Name: Harriet Frances Noon
Gender: Female
Birth Date: abt 1831
Christening Date: 29 May 1831
Christening Place: Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England
Father's Name: William Spencer Noon
Mother's Name: Sarah Perry

IMMIGRATION: New York Passenger Lists, [ancestry.com]
Name: Harriet Noon
Arrival Date: 20 Apr 1841
Birth Year: abt: 1830
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Port of Departure:Liverpool, England
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Rochester
[Traveling with W M Noon, age 35, farmer; Sarah Noon, age 31, and Betsy Noon, age 6]
MARRI AGE #1: Harriett married David Smith in May 1846 in Nauvoo, Illinois. Entries in new Family Search for their children are very curious.

Almira Adela Robinson (listed also as Almira Adela Smith and Almira Adeliah (Della) Smith and Alvira Adella Smith Robinson. Birth dates also vary: abt. 1847, Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa and 22 August 1851 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Death either 2 or 3 October 1883, American Fork, Utah. She was married to George Heber Robinson. She apparently became blind and was living with her mother in the 1880 Census. She is listed as Adella S on her headstone in American Fork Cemetery [see findagrave.com and search under Robinson, Adella S)
Alvin Smith born abt 1848, Deseret, Salt Lake, Utah. Died about 1860 in Utah
David Thomas Smith or Thomas David Smith, born 8 August 1849 in either Salt Lake or Kaysville, Utah. Died 15 Apr 1927 in American Fork, Utah. Married to Sarah Elizabeth Peet with whom he had 6 children
A fourth child is listed in new Family Search: Laura Vilate Smith, or Laura Vilate Smith Steele born 13 Mar 1856 in Salt Lake City. This child is listed with Harriet on her headstone. However if David Smith died in 1852 he could not have fathered this child. Harriet Frances Noon Smith had been married to/sealed to John Erik Forsgren in 1854 as is shown in the sealing records. He is likely Laura's father. John's marriage to Harriet did not last. Harriet returned with her children to live with her mother in the Kimball household. She would probably have still gone by the name of Harriet Smith so this child - who would either have been born out of wedlock or fathered by John E. Forsgren whom she did not want to be with - would have been given the name Smith. Johanna Catherine Timerman, daughter of John E's wife Kiersten Johnson, in her deposition to the War Dept, Feb. 15, 1893 p. 15 states "he had only one child by this wife." There is a statement on findagrave.com on Laura's entry showing that others are of the opinion as well that she is really John E. Forsgren's child.
I do not know why Laura is listed in newFamilySearch alternately as Laura Vilate Smith Steele. There is no husband connected to her in the system. She died at age 18 years and 7 months of "affection of the heart, caused by rheumatism and lameness" in 1874 (not 1873 as is shown on her headstone and in most genealogical records). Dese ret News, Wednesday, 21 October 1874

David Smith's "accidental death" as noted in Harriet's obituary was the result of a horse accident. Dean Buck, Harriet's gggrandson commented that David Smith was seen leaving town with a team of horses and did not return that night. His body was found the next day. David is buried in the Kimball-Whitney Cemetery which is located behind the Deseret Apts. on Main Street just east of the LDS Conference Center. An entry in the Journal History says: "Smith, David was accidentally killed in a runaway by his horses. Funeral - held on the 22nd." [source: J.H. 1852, Jan 19, 22, p. 1] A small note in the Deseret News, Jan 24, 1852 p. 3 states: "Found Dead - Tuesday morning, last, brother David Smith, on the prairie between his house and Kay's kanyon. It would appear that he had some trouble with his horses, probaly [sic] fell from his seat, and was severely kicked and bruised. This is all we have heard."

IMMIGRATION TO SALT LAKE: There is a data discrepancy: The records of the Heber C. Kimball Company (1848) which departed Winter Quarters on 7 June 1848 show her coming across the plains as Harriet F. Noon.... not Harriet Smith. If she married David Smith in May of 1846 that would be two years worth of being known as Sister or Mrs. Smith - not still being known as Harriet F. Noon. (See:http://lds.org/churchhistory/library/pioneercompanysearch/1,15773,3966-1,00.html).

There is a David Smith coming with the William Snow company in 1850 but there is no David Smith in the company with Harriet. When she comes with her mother (Sarah Peak Noon Kimball) and stepfather (Heber C. Kimball) she is listed as being only 18 years of age. Was she really only 16 when she married David Smith? If they were married why did he not come with her to S.L.?

The Kimball Monument. The tablet in front on the ground lists the name of David Smith

Again, we are indebted to Dean Buck for supplying us with this additional data on Harriet's first husband, David Smith

MARRIAGE #2 Her marriage to John Erik Forsgren on 17 July 1854 (just three months after he was sealed to Sarah Bell Davis) was also performed by Heber Chase Kimball. In the Journal History of the Church an entry is recorded 17 Jul 1854: "Monday, July 17. Pres. Heber C. Kimball sealed David Smith's widow to John E. Forsgren." (Copy in possess of Fors Fam Assn.) It was not an ordinary day since she was also sealed to David Smith on that date. I suspect this marriage was one of the "take care of this young widow [his step-daughter whom he no doubt loved and cared about] and her children" kinds of plural marriages that existed in early Utah. But John E. was not known for actually being able to care very well for his wives which probably led to the brevity of this marriage. I do not know if there was a formal divorce from John Erik Forsgren.

[Just an interesting note to add. John E and wife Sarah Bell were sent to Carson Valley by Brigham Young some time after Feb. 1856. It was there in Oct 1856 that their son John Heber was born. Five months later, also in Carson Valley, on 16 March 1857, a son was born to Betsy (Elizabeth Ann) Noon Lawson. She is the younger sister of Harriet Noon Smith. Harriet's "mystery daughter" Laura Vilate was born in March of 1856 just a month after Heber Kimball reported the following to his son in a letter: ?I suppose that one hundred and fifty or two hundred of the brethren have been hanging round, with the Council House filled to the brim. This scenery continuing for a long time, one day brother Brigham sent Thomas Bullock to take their names, for the purpose of giving them missions, if they had not anything to do of more importance ... John Forsgreen is going to Carson. These are all good men but they need to learn a lesson.? It is possible that Harriet might also have spent some time in Carson with her sister. . . and remotely with John E. Was this the cause of the break-up of the marriage of John E. and Sarah Bell? Even if Harriet stayed exclusively in Salt Lake City, did Sarah know of her marriage/sealing to John. Was John really able to take care of two families or homes? The time in Carson City was short for all of them. They were called home at the approach of Johnson's Army and both John and Sarah's and Betsy Lawsons next children were born back in Utah.]

MARRIAGE #3: Harriet married Leonard Elsworth Harrington 31 May 1859 in Salt Lake City

Leonard Elsworth Harrington 1816-1883
Mayor (for 29 years!) of American Fork, its first Bishop, postmaster,
member of the Utah Legislature, Trustee of B.Y. Academy and promoter
of American Fork's first free school

There is a nice biographical sketch of Leonard Harrington in the LDS Biographical Encyclopedia which is quoted on his site at findagrave.com. He appears to have made great contributions to Utah as a whole and particularly to American Fork and Utah County. He is also buried in the American Fork Cemetery. The Forsgren Family Assn. also has in its possession the transcription Leonard's handwritten journal which was published in the Utah Historical Quarterly, vol. VIII, 1940.
I have not researched the descendants of Harriet's marriage to Leonard Harrington. They are readily found on the Church website, newFamily Search:

Heber Adelman Harrington 1860-1938 (twin)
Harriet t Anna (known as "Hattie" Harrington 1860-1901 (twin)
Leonard Spencer Harrington, 1867-1959
John Milton Harrington, 1868-1868
Chauncey Delos Harrington, 1870-1927
Ida Ann Harrington, 1872-1936

The following short biographical sketch was prepared by Relva Booth Ross, Camp historian of the DUP American Fork Camp. It was read at their meeting on Oct. 14, 1954. I do not know if Relva Ross is a descendant of Harriet Harrington.
Harriet Frances Noon Smith Harrington, wife of Bishop Leonard E. harrington, was born in Tunstall, Staffordshire, England, 5 December 1829, a daughter of William Spence and Sarah Perry Peake Noon. Her mother joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and brought her two little girls to America in 1841 on the ship Rochester. They landed in New York May 20, and arrived in Nauvoo July 1. Harriet had also been baptised in April before leaving England.
Sometime after arriving in Nauvoo, Harriet's mother was married to Heber C. Kimball as his second wife, so she was raised in the Kimball home and remaine there until her marriage. She was married to David Smtih by whom she had three children: David, born 8 August 1849, died in American Fork 15 April 1927; Della, born 18651, Salt Lake City, Married George Heber Robinson, died 3 October 1883 in American Fork; Laura Vilate, born 13 March 1856, Salt Lake City, died 13 October 1873 in American Fork. After the death of her husband, Harriet Smith returned to the home of her mother and Heber C. Kimball.
When American Fork was first settled in 1850, a large tract of land was surveyed for Heber C. Kimball who sent Leonard E. Harrington to look after his interests. Leonard became the first mayor and the first bishop of American Fork. While on one trip toSalt Lake City, Brother Kimball suggested to Bishop Harrington that he take the Widow Smith for a wife. In his Journal, the bishop writes: "On the last day of May 1859, Harriet F. Smith, widow of David Smith, was sealed to me by President Brigham Young. She had three children, one boy and two girls, at the time of our marriage."
The next year, 17 March 1860, Harriet gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, whom she named Heber A. and harriet Noon. Other children born to her were Leonard Spencer, born Jan. 10, 1867; John M., born 3 January 1868, died the same day; Chauncey Delos, born 27 May 1869, and Ida A., born 17 January 1872. harriet, who was always called "Hattie" died 14 March 1901; Delos died 27 April 1927, in Ogden; Ida died 2 December 1936, in American Fork, and Heber A. died 11 May 1938 in San Francisco, Calif. Leonard S., who in now (1954) 86 years old, is the only one of the family left.
She was a woman of small stature with brown hair. During the first years in American Fork she lived in the aobe house on the Harrington lot which had been used as a postoffice, but now had two rooms added to it?. Later her son Heber and his father built the big two story adobe house on the corner of first south and first east, south of the tabernacle. This was her home for many years but the last few years of her life were spent in the home of her son, David Smith.
Like most pioneer wives and mothers, her home and her children occupied her life and she did almost nothing in a church or civic way. She died 11 June 1912.
I want to interject an observation of my own. This last statement seems very telling. I have read all 65 pages of Leonard Harrington's personal journal. He was an amazing man, very literate, devoted and kind. He was also very much in love with his first wife Lois Russell. The journal makes only one reference to Harriet in all those pages...and that is when he notes that Brigham Young sealed Harriet to him. He commented that she was the widow of David Smith and already had three children (not named). He next states that the following year she was delivered of a pair of twins, a boy and a girl. He does not give their names or exact dates of birth. He never mentions in the whole rest of his journal when any other of her children are born although he documents meticulously every birth of a child with Lois. There are one or two places in the journal that reference his wives (plural) in attendance at something, but it is very evident that Lois was "the main wife". I have no doubt but that he provided very well for Harriet and her children and must have even loved them. But he was a very busy man and Lois is the one who accompanied him to civic and church functions. I suspect that Harriet quietly kept her place and preferred to never make a public splash.
The journal refers to a four-year absence of Lois and her three youngest children when they went with Lois' brother to California to visit relatives. There is no indication that the absense was for any reason other than exactly what it was: a visit. When they return he goes to meet them in Ogden and expresses great joy at their return. What one reads between the lines is that he must have spent more time with Harriet during Lois' absence since three of her children were products of that time period. There are no references to "my wife and I" in connection with other events during those years so one is only left to conjecture if Harriet stepped into the roll of hostess or social partner while Lois was away. Harriet DID have her hands full caring for two daughters with illnesses (Laura and Della). My comments are not intended to cast a dark shadow on any of these people; it is merely to state my observations. There seems to be nothing but great respect for all parties mentioned and a loyalty to Church, country and the whole colonization and burgeoning grown of "Lake City" which became American Fork.
I have been trying to contact other descendants of the Harringtons to see if they could shed further light on the children and marriages of Harriet as well as provide a fuller life history.

HARRIET'S SCHOOLING IN NAUVOO: Lyman D. Plat's work on Nauvoo schools (located at the following site:
http://www.mormonhistoricsitesfoundation.org/publications/nj_1989/Platt3.pdf ) lists the following:

Schedule of a common school kept by Susannah White at township six north, range nine west, city of
Nauvoo. There were fifty students attending this school during all or part of the period running from 29 June I842 to 30 December 1842. The students were the following:
. . . . Brigham Young, Heber Kimball, Harriet Noon, Betsy Noon [Harriet's younger sister]. . . .

1850 Census of Great Salt Lake, Utah Territory family #3 [ancestry.com]
Smith, David, age 29, laborer, born England
Smith, Harriet, age 21, born England
Smith, Alvin, age 2, male, born Des[eret]
Smith, David, age 1, male, born Des

1856 Statehood Census. This census was taken to help provide a record of inhabitants of the territory for application for statehood. Its accuracy is very suspect. It appears names were supplied (perhaps to inflate the numbers?) of people who were not actually residing there at the time or had not yet arrived in the valley. It was indexed by Accelerated Indexing systems and that index appears on ancestry.com. It is full of errors as I have double-checked it against the actual handwritten pages on microfilm. This provides an interesting insight to the names however! In the 16th ward in Great Salt Lake City, all listed on page 445 are the following:
Fosgreen, Almira
Fosgreen, Betsey A
Fosgreen, David
Fosgreen, John C
Fosgreen, Sarah
No ages or relationships are given on the census, only whether they are male or female. The AIS indexers did not always get the correct location so some names are listed as being in Weber County when they are, in fact in Box Elder Co.
Listed on page 1164 are a John Fosgreen and a Harriet Fosgreen
Why do I mention this? Because the Almira and the David above are probably Harriet's children by David Smith. The Betsey and the Sarah are probably Betsey Noon and Sarah Kimball.... all living in the same household. Why they are all listed as Fosgreen is anyone's guess (bless those census takers!), but since I have records of all the Forsgren descendants and have no Harriet's, Betsey's or Almiras my conclusion is that this all is a reflection of Harriet's very short marriage to John E. Forsgren. Yes, there is Harriet Harrington listed in Lake City (American Fork) that year as well, but that could be someone else entirely since Harriet Noon Smith was not linked to the Harringtons until 1859. Where is Laura Vilate? Probably still in her mother's tummy!

1860 Census of Lake City, Utah Territory [American Fork P.O.], taken 27 Sep 1860. Harriet is not in same household as Leonard who is enumerated with his wife Lois [Russell]; the children are all listed under Herrington, Harriet F [family # 2618], but there are no ditto marks. The transcribers at ancestry.com have automatically assigned them all the last name of Herrington in the index
Herrington, Harriet F, age 29,
Davd T, age 11, all children listed as born U.T. [Utah Territory]
Almira A, age 9
Laura V, age 4
Harriet, age 6/12
Heber, age 6/12

1870 Census of American Fork, Utah Co., Utah.
Leonard is enumerated with his wife "Louise" [Lois] as family #28; "Harret" [Harriett] and her family are next door as family #29, all listed with dittoes under Leonard's name of Harrington.
Harrington, Harret, age 35, Keeping house, born England
Harrington, David, age 21, at home, all children listed as born Utah
Harrington, Almyra, age 17, at home
Harrington, Laura, age 14, at school
Harrington, Heber, age 11, at school
Harrington, Harriette, age 11, at school
Harrington, Leonard, age 5, at school
Harrington, Delos, age 1 [listed as female] At home
Harrington, Eliza, age 60, No occupation [This is probably plural wife Eliza Brown 1810-1880 whom he married in 1869], born England
Harrington, Daniel, age 11, At School
Harrington, Mary, age 11, At School
[ These last two children are the twins born to Leonard's wife Mary Jones who died within 24 hours after their birth. As infants Daniel and Mary were cared for by other women in the community. Harriet would give birth to her own twins two days later and Lois already had a large family and would soon give birth as well. I don't know how long Daniel and Mary were in Harriet's care or when they came to live with her, or even if they did so permanently. Daniel went on to become a lawyer and a judge and is listed in Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah along with his father. He is responsible for getting his father's journal published by the Utah Historical Quarterly]

1880 Census of American Fork, Utah Co., Utah. ED 88 p. 4D census taken 2 June 1880
Leonard, age 64, is still enumerated with wife Lois, three children and a servant. He is shown as farmer & postmaster living on Harrington Street. Harriett and her family live on Jackson St.
Harrington, Harriett, age 49, wife, keeping house, born England
Robinson, Addeleah, age 28, wife, blind, living with mother, born Utah
Harrington, Heber, age 20, son, born Utah, clerk in store,
Harrington, Hattie, age 20, daughter, at home, born Utah
Harrington, Leonard, age 13, son, at school, born Utah
Harrington, Delos, age 11, son, at school, born Utah
Harrington, Ida N., age 8, daughter, at school, born Utah

1900 Census of American Fork, Utah Co., District 154.
Harrington, Harriett , head, born Dec 1829 England, age 70, widow
Harrington, Ida A, daugh, born Jan 1872, Utah, single
Harrington, Chauncy D, son, born May 1870 Utah, age 30, widower, day laborer
Smith, David H, Grandson, born June 1875 Utah, single, age 24, day laborer
Harrington, Chauncy, G.son, born Apr 1896 Utah, single, age 4

1910 Census of American Fork, Utah Co., Utah ED 184, sheet 26B taken 12 May 1910. Family #495 on North 3rd East
Smith, David T., head, age 60, widower, doing odd jobs, born Utah
Smith, David H, son, age 35, single, born Utah
Harrington, Harriet F, mother, age 80, widow, born England
Harrington, Ida A., sister, age 38, single, born Utah
ORDINANCES: Sld to Heber Chase Kimball and Sarah Peak 11 Dec. 1912 SL and 24 Jan 1997 Logan Temple; Sld to Wm Spencer Noon & Sarah Peak 15 Feb 1994, Provo Temple.

Harriet is buried in the American Fork Cemetery. The plot is on the corner of "Harrington" St. and "Veterans" St. in the Southeast corner of the cemetery.  
Noon, Hariett Frances (I8762)
108 Obituary: F. Heber Kimball, M.D.
Published: Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2001 10:50 a.m. MST
Our beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend Farnham Heber Kimball, M.D. passed away Monday, January 22, 2001 at the age of 84. The youngest of six children, Heber was born May 14, 1916 in Raymond, Alberta, Canada to Solomon Farnham and Margaret Dunn Kimball.

He attended the University of Utah and received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee. After a residency at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, he practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology in Salt Lake and then Torrance, California until 1976. While in Torrance, he served as an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UCLA Medical School and was also Chief of Staff at Little Company of Mary Hospital. Heber returned to Salt Lake in 1976 to practice as director of OBGYN at FHP. He remained with FHP until his retirement in 1987. During his time at FHP he was also an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine for the University of Utah Medical School.

A dedicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Heber served in many capacities. He served in the East Central States Mission from 1935-1937. He also served in leadership positions ranging from Sunday School president to high councilman.

Riding horses was one of Heber's favorite pastimes. He learned to ride as a boy in Canada, and eventually became a member of the University of Utah Polo Team. He kept horses for most of his adult life, and rode in the Days of '47 Parade in Salt Lake. He spent many happy hours grooming and caring for his horses and enjoyed riding the bridle trails around his home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in California. He also spent much time riding in the hills above Farmington and Centerville, Utah during his later years.

He joined the ROTC at the University of Utah and, following medical school, served as a Captain in the Army. Immediately after World War II, Heber was a medical officer in military hospitals in San Francisco, California; San

Antonio, Texas; and Colorado Springs, Colorado until his honorable discharge in 1947.

Heber married the love of his life, Toni

Lodder, in Salt Lake City and they were later sealed for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles, California LDS Temple. She lovingly and carefully cared for him for many years before his death.

A man of great compassion, Heber was also known for his fairness, quick wit, soft heart, and quiet strength. He was a loving

father and husband, and will be sorely missed.

He is survived by his wife, Toni; his son, Chase (Stephanie) of Fayetteville, Georgia; daughter, Marisa (Steve) of Sandy, Utah; and his four grandchildren, Natasha, Brandon, Ashley, and Tyler. His four sisters, Zula Coleman, Jeanne Whitney, Edythe Watson,

Lafarne Garff, and his brother, James LeRoy Kimball, preceded him in death.

The family would like to thank the staff at Life Care Center of Bountiful for the kindness and care given to Heber during his short stay.

At Heber's request, a private family service will be held on Thursday, January 25, 2001 at Russon Brothers Bountiful Mortuary, 295 North Main. Interment, Lakeview Cemetery, Bountiful, Utah.

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Kimball, Farnham Heber (I8257)
109 often shown with a middle name of "Cart" Gee, Rose (I10163)
110 One of the 25 Magna Carta Barons de Vere, Sir Robert 3rd Earl of Oxford (I10603)
111 One of the first daughters died early.

England Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991

Name: Smethurst
Gender: Female
Burial Date: 30 May 1629
Burial Place: Deane, Lancashire, England
Death Date:
Death Place:
Birth Date:
Marital Status:
Spouse's Name:
Father's Name: Christopher Smethurst
Father's Birthplace:
Mother's Name:
Mother's Birthplace:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04355-2
System Origin: England-EASy
GS Film number: 1545477
Reference ID:  
Family F603
112 Passenger #49 Gee, Elizabeth Ellen (I9917)
113 Please note there is a balance of pluses and negatives to Mary Marshall being the wife, and Elizabeth being of this family.

The two negatives are the move from London to York and the fact Elizabeth was born before their marriage. It is not unreasonable to assume that there is another James and Mary Scourfield in London that have nothing to do with our James and Mary.

That said, the dates and names otherwise match extremely well. It is not unthinkable for someone to move their family at that point in time to another city. It just has no evidence besides the circumstantial evidence to support it. I will continue on the basis it is accurate, but there should be an asterisk on this line until the relationship can be more specifically confirmed.

Family F409
114 Possible early record:

1900 United States Federal Census about Estella Flowers
Name: Estella Flowers
Home in 1900: Salt Lake City Ward 4, Salt Lake, Utah
[Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah]
Age: 18
Birth Date: Apr 1882
Birthplace: Utah
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relationship to head-of-house: Daughter
Father's name: John Flowers
Father's Birthplace: England
Mother's name: Caroline E Flowers
Mother's Birthplace: England
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
John Flowers 45
Caroline E Flowers 38
Maud Flowers 20
Estella Flowers 18
Bascom Flowers 4
Saville Flowers 5/12 
Flowers, Erma Estella (I8281)
115 Possible Match

From 1870 US Census

Name: Danl Hammond
Age in 1870: 22
Birth Year: abt 1848
Birthplace: Iowa
Home in 1870: Madison, Montana Territory
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Virginia City
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Danl Hammond 22 
Hammond, Daniel (I9501)
116 Possibly shot with a Cheyenne arrow. Crosier, Monroe (I9093)
117 Probable, but needs confirmation Madden, Mary Jane (I39)
Nauvoo, Block 155, Lot 1&2
Nauvoo, Block 156
Nauvoo, Block 147, Lot 3
Nauvoo, Block 141, Lot 2
Nauvoo, Block 90, Lot 1
T6 R8, Section 8 Ne, 139 Acres

Members, LDS, 1830-1848, by Susan Easton Black, Vol 40, pp25-29
Nauvoo Legion
Kirtland Member p 64
Land Document, from Hancock County Marriage Register, dated 2 Feb 1841, 1p
Nauvoo Death Records

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah p1279
Family of Joseph SMITH
Latter-day Saint Millenial Star pp 353-355
Estate of Joseph Smith
Article by Willard Richards
The Prophet Joseph Smith Daquerreotype
Times and Seasons

ZION'S_CAMP: Member of Zion's Camp (Backman, "A Profile of Kirtland Saints..." Appendix E, p. 93)

"History of Joseph Smith by HIs Mother" book in the Land and Records library 
Smith, Joseph Jr. (I8417)
T7 R8, Sec 31, NE/4 160 acres

Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register p 134
Members, LDS, 1830-1848, by Susan Easton Black, Vol 12 pp 597-599

Biography by family

Kennebec County

Name transcribed from A "Grave" Experience at the Mormon Pioneer Winter Quarters Cemetery. By Carlyle B. Jensen and Gail Geo. Holmes, Published by Authors October 1999. Quoted from with permission of Gail Geo. Holmes. The record is a Commencement to bury in the burying ground at Winter Quarters, North West Corner. Spellings, dates and etc. are as written in the original record - mistakes and all."

Stated in record above for James Willard Cummings Jr. son of James Cummings, "James Willard Cummings Jr.; age 2 mos., 12 days; son of James and Aura Annett C.; deceased Nov. 27, 1846; birthplace Camp of Israel; birthdate Sept. 14, 1846; grave no. 13."

Name transcribed from Winter Quarters Wards Membership Lists 1846 - 1848. Taken from a variety of historical sources. They are not complete, and because of the difficulty reading handwriting, may not be entirely accurate. Most of the lists seem to be from the winter of 1846 - 47, but some are from later. In addition, people often moved to better housing, thus changing wards. Sources for these lists are: bishop's reports, high council meeting minutes, tithing records, and 'census' reports of widow, soldier's wives and other unassigned members of wards. The original records are available at the Historical Department, Archives Division, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City Utah.

Note: Stated in above record, 2 in family. 
Cummings, James Willard (I98)
120 Question? This lists the father as Noah and mother as Mary. Is this the correct record? Hassell, Esther (I9714)
121 Re-marriage?

Utah Marriages, 1887-1966

Groom's Name: William Warren Rose
Groom's Birth Date: 1832
Groom's Birthplace:
Groom's Age: 61
Bride's Name: Lucy Rose
Bride's Birth Date: 1843
Bride's Birthplace:
Bride's Age: 50
Marriage Date: 15 Jun 1893
Marriage Place: Davis, Utah
Groom's Father's Name:
Groom's Mother's Name:
Bride's Father's Name:
Bride's Mother's Name:
Groom's Race:
Groom's Marital Status:
Groom's Previous Wife's Name:
Bride's Race:
Bride's Marital Status:
Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I00436-2
System Origin: Utah-EASy
Source Film Number: 25886
Reference Number: 270  
Family F5815
122 Robert Freeland is listed as her father in the marriage record. I believe this refers to her uncle, Robert Freeland who is listed here:


I believe her father died before the marriage, and her uncle stepped in. I am currently looking for evidence to support this supposition.

Freeland, Catherine (I479)

Samuel Priday, wife, and family arrived in Salt Lake City on 06 October 1863. He was a stone cutter by trade and upon arriving in Salt Lake was employed in working on the Salt Lake Temple.

In 1848 he was ordained a Priest, and in 1849 he as an Elder. Before coming to Zion in the year 1850 he was sent to raise up a branch of the Church in Westminster, London. He was the President of this branch. He was also called to take charge of the Kensington Branch, the Sombeth Branch, and after that the Woolworth Common.

He was ordained a High Priest 11 March 1892 under the hands of President Wilford Woodruff and Joseph F. Smith. On 26 March 1892 Samuel Priday was ordained a Patriarch by Joseph F. Smith and the other brethren.

(records held by Sydney Moulton Taylor)
Priday, Samuel (I72)
124 Sealing was performed by George I. Cannon, Salt Lake Temple President and friend of the family. Lived next door to Zelda Brown and was Bishop of parents, John and Barbara Watson, when they were members of Parleys 6th Ward and when they were married.

Sealing was performed by George I. Cannon, Salt Lake Temple President and friend of the family. Lived next door to Zelda Brown and was Bishop of parents, John and Barbara Watson, when they were members of Parleys 6th Ward and when they were married. 
125 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5743
126 Second marriage. Mary was a widow at this marriage. Stearns is most probably her married name. Family F5867
127 Sherman Brown and James Allen Brown are the same individual. Sherman only shows in the 1910 census with a 1/12 age meaning he was 1 month old at the time of the census. The date of the 1910 census was April 15, 1910, placing Sherman's month of birth as Most probably March. James Allen Brown's birthday is March 2, 1910.

It is my speculation that Mark and Ada Clare had not decided on a name yet, but had to give one for the census. Sherman was as good as any, but when they finally decided on a name, they decided on James Allen.

Regardless of the reason, the dates, lack of further documentation on Sherman, and the sudden appearance of James Allen are reason enough to combine them as one individual in this instance.

Please submit any evidence for review prior to making any changes in this regard. 
Brown, James Allen (I8225)
128 Some records show Susanah as Betsey's mother. It is likely this is only because she was the mother at the time of her death. Betsey's birth date is more compatible with, and her name suggests strongly, that Betsey Knowlton was her mother. Cummings, Betsey Knowlton (I1178)
129 Something that needs to be rectified is the father's death date of 1785, and Agnes' birth date of 1788. Obviously one of them is wrong, or this is the wrong connection. Gibb, Agnes (I35)
130 Son of Dean And Paula Bowers Bowers, Shad Dean (I9329)
131 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Kent P. Hathaway Hathaway, Jacob Phillip (I9319)
132 The "ar" ending only shows in records based in Sorn. The Old Cumnock records (Mary's home town) show it as "er". For all genealogical purposes, Mary's last name should be listed as "Miller". Miller, Mary (I224)
133 The "R" in Raie is an old script "K" for Kaie. Kaie, Alice (I712)
134 The indexing on Eliza's last name is inconsistent, and leaves much to be desired. They do all seem to be variants on Livesey, wich is Hannah's second son Marlow Livesy Cummings' middle name. This also tends to corroborate that this is in fact Hannah and Eliza Maria's parents. That and the fact they have both an Eliza Maria and a Hannah at the appropriate times. Livesey, Eliza (I227)
135 The photos seen of James Brown CANNOT be him. He died prior to the invention of photography. Brown, James Sr (I10640)
136 The William Gee of Blaby, Leicestershire with the household as follows:
Thomas Gee 40
Dorothy Gee 45
Mary Gee 15
William Gee 13

is NOT our William Gee.

This William Gee shows back up in the 1871 Census as:

Thomas Gee 72
Dorothy Gee 77
William Gee 41
Edwin Gee 5
Arthur Gee 2
Gee, William Sr. (I24)
137 There are currently no records connecting Chester to these parents. It is a reasonable assumption though, as this is where many of the family members are buried, his birth date fits right in the family timeline, and his life would have been right in the middle of the 1880 and 1900 census', making it difficult to corroborate his being a member of the family.

Further research is needed, but for now let's leave him here.

The Admin
Grimmett, Chester Pomeroy (I10923)
138 There are two significant anomalies to note in the children listed.

First: James and Anne were christened in Belper, Derbyshire, England.

Second: Thomas, Hannah, and John all have the same christening date.

I have a scenario that makes some sense of this, though it may be creative fiction until it is proven. Note the consistent two years between births. With the exception of one three year gap, they had a child every two years like clockwork. The two children from Belper fit right into this scenario.

It also make sense that if they moved to Belper and then back to Leeds, when they went to christen John, the parish would confirm their records of the family. Were they not able to find Hannah and Thomas Jr's records, it would make sense they would re-christen them at the same time as John was christened. This is further supported by the fact that Thomas Jr actually has two christening dates, one that is the same as John's, and another in 1821.

For this scenario to work, it would really make more sense for James and Anne to be a part this Thomas and Eliza Toppham's family.

This scenario could easily be disproved, but it is my current working theory.

Family F110
139 There is a Christopher and Elizabeth Livesey that are unlikely to be our ancestors that lived in the same area at the same time. That Elizabeth died about 1788, about halfway through the children listed. It also means that that figuring out which Christopher is ours may be more tricky than might be normal.

Livesey, Christopher (I9374)
140 There is a reasonable chance that the first Richard and Ann children, are the same as the second. They may have just been re-christened (note the same date) upon moving to a new parish. Family F5966
141 There is a reasonable chance the first three children are not from this William Gee and Catherine. Family F94
142 There is a transcribed record that has her father listed as William Morris. I ordered the original record to confirm, and it says William James. I don't know if Morris is a database or transcription error, or what it is. Whatever the case is, unless further evidence arises pointing to this as legitimate, I consider the Morris question dead and have removed the name from the record.

James, Mary (I73)
143 There is also a Richard Cole who could just as likely be his father. More research is necessary before going back further.

Cole, John (I9474)
144 There is probably no way to determine exactly which ship Mary came over on. That said, of 44 options, this is the only one that has her age correct, that came in the correct time-frame, and has no other family with her. If better information should surface, it should certainly be judged accordingly.

The fact the record says her destination is Wisconsin, should be of note, but does not preclude the record from being her. 
Madden, Mary Jane (I39)
145 This grave is a very close fit assuming that the burial date is actually 4 Aug 1900 instead of Sep.  
146 This is the original Ane Sophie that was in our family records. My research leads me to believe it is incorrect, or at least, unsubstantiated.

The Ane Sophie I have added at:


In not only a better fit, but is the only Ane Sophie I am able to find. If there is any substantiating evidence to the contrary, please let me know.

-- The Admin 
Pedersdr, Ane Sophie (I101)
147 This person is not confirmed as Boyd Newell Gee's spouse. Any information in this regard would be appreciated.

The Admin 
Hodgetts, Julia Knickerbocker (I8304)
148 This set of parents are now called into question as there is a marriage to a Mary Whitehead and an Elizabeth Hall in Oldham in 1661, and an Ales Lowton in Rochdale in 1661. Any of the four could be accurate.

I am not going to remove the link just yet, but it is at best in question at the moment.

Family F551
149 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9335)
150 Tooele
Tooele County
Utah, USA
Plot: 3-35-2 
McIntyre, Grace (I63)

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